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Brenda Song pregnant with Trace Cyrus' baby

If this baby is born tatted up, I won't be surprised.
Former Disney gal and "Suite Life" star Brenda Song is apparently pregnant with her first kid. The dad is Trace Cyrus, brother of Miley and known for being in the band Metro Station.
This is weird.... Yeah....

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Kreayshawn = Casey Anthony?

YouTube sensation Kreayshawn is looking a little like Casey Anthony in her Twitter picture.
Well that sucks hardcore...

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House of Harlow- OBSESSION

Nicole Richie's House of Harlow sunglasses are my obsession. On another note, apparently Ryan Seacrest wore these sunglasses as well...WTF. 

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Kardashian clothing line- UGLIEST clothes at Sears

Sadly, the Kardashian girls couldn't pull off creating attractive clothes for their new clothing line. 
I was so excited when I heard the girls would be designing new clothes for Sears, then I saw the clothes.  
WHAT THE #$%*?!

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Jenelle Evans needs to STOP

Seriously? Just do what the police tell you. 
Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom has been arrested AGAIN. She violated her probation. 
She recently tweeted about how well school was going and how she's studying.
Just because you're book smart doesn't make you a good mother. 

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My best friend Emma will be posting on here as well. Her personality is a lot funnier than mine, so you'll enjoy her posts. 
She likes long walks on the beach and self-tanning lotion.
Hope you'll accept her into family! 

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Cee Lo and Eminem at Lollapalooza

So I went to Lollapalooza on Saturday and had a great time. The only performer who ruined my day was Cee Lo Green. He pretty much sucked. Couldn't remember the words to his songs, was out of breath most of the time, and kept stopping the songs and waited until the crowd "cheered." People started booing and walking away from the stage. Kinda hilarious.
But Eminem was AMAZING. Couldn't have done any better. He sang a lot of his old songs which got the crowd going. Bruno Mars also made an appearance on stage to sing "Lighters." 
It took us 45 minutes to get out of Grant Park. The crowds were insane but I expected nothing less. 
We also saw Perry and Etty Farrell perform, and if you're a fan of "Rockstar Wives" on VH1, you know who Etty is...

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Will Miley fans want to smoke because she does?

Yeah, we all know people who smoke. No big deal. But is it a big deal when Miley Cyrus starts smoking? 
Lots of parents think it's the end of the world. Since Hannah Montana smokes, their child will automatically become a chain smoker. 
Yes, when Miley wears ripped shorts and a torn band t-shirt, teen girls start wearing it. So when girls see the pictures of Miley puffing away, will that make her "followers" want to smoke as well?
Miley's 18-years-old and can smoke if she wants. We don't give a crap. But is it OK for her to show it off for little girls to see?

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Why I Want to Speak My Mind

When I created my website a few years ago, I needed to be careful about what I said on my site. I didn't want any young readers to get offended by any posts.
I made this blog to speak my mind on entertainment news. As a 17-year-old teenage girl who keeps up with entertainment news 24/7, I have a lot to say. And it'll all be posted on here.
I'm still going to post on, but I'll post on here as well. This should be interesting...


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